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To ensure the safety of our staff, volunteers, and those we serve, Homemade Hope has made the difficult decision to suspend in-person classes due to COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially scary for the communities Homemade Hope serves. Many face health challenges. Some work as caregivers in nursing homes. They have limited access to transportation. They already deal with food uncertainty. The list goes on.  Our clients need us more than ever, so we are working remotely and delivering fresh food, household goods and toiletries to the neediest populations. These deliveries are being made in accordance with CDC guidelines. We are also sending cooking and inspirational videos to our clients to help them get through these difficult times. Please consider supporting Homemade Hope as we work to support families whose health is at high risk.

By donating $25, we help provide fresh food, household goods and toiletries for 1 child per week.

By donating $50, we help provide fresh food, household goods and toiletries for 1 of our Homemade Hope families per week. 

Meet Lynn Stevenson. His kind and open heart have made him a surrogate father to many children living in Houston's South Side. It's an area that has over double the average per capita rate of COVID-19 cases for Harris County. Lynn has a compromised immune system and requires an oxygen tank. He is one of the many people in need whom Homemade Hope is serving right now, as we deliver fresh food, household goods and toiletries to families most at risk.
Lynn's touching story is a testimony to why our relief efforts are necessary.

Thank you H-E-B for helping us make Mother’s Day special for the Homemade Hope moms during these cha
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