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This is what hope looks like.

Changing Lives One Recipe at a Time

Children have a natural enthusiasm for the kitchen. 


Chopping, stirring, kneading, and mixing produce sounds and smells, flavors and textures that excite their senses while building children's feelings of accomplishment and pride.


In partnership with local transitional shelters, Homemade Hope harnesses the sensory power of the kitchen to create a loving and supportive environment where children build self-esteem, develop traditions, and experience the simple pleasures of childhood.​ Using food as a canvas for expression, Homemade Hope creates a space for connection while educating them about nutrition and empowering them with skills they can use outside of class.


Beyond the kitchen, Homemade Hope works to support the children's academic endeavors, providing tutoring, school supplies, advocacy, and life experiences outside the shelter.


Homemade Hope is dedicated to creating the security and joys of home for kids growing up in shelters, helping to provide a safety net for Houston's neediest kids. 

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