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our mission

To bridge the gap between nutritious food traditions and Houston’s food insecure communities.

Homemade Hope grew out of Founder Blair Bentley's work as a volunteer in Houston shelters. In 2012, Bentley began leading cooking classes for children at a local shelter, introducing them to simple, healthy meals they could prepare for their families with readily available ingredients.


During holidays, she worked with children to host festive celebrations for their families, complete with the children's handcrafted decorations and homemade food. As her involvement deepened, her passion for addressing the needs of food insecure households deepened. The vision was born, and Homemade Hope was founded in 2013.

In 2014, Homemade Hope received its official 501 (c) (3) nonprofit status. Since then, Homemade Hope has doubled its attendance count, recruited a committed team of volunteers, and added robust academic support to its already vital programming.   

In partnership with local transitional shelters, Homemade Hope offers culturally appropriate cooking and nutrition classes to children and families experiencing homelessness. We offer community enrichment programs to provide holistic resources to the shelters we serve. 

In partnership with Urban Harvest, we provide seasonal recipes and samples at mobile markets in underserved communities.

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