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community enrichment

Academic Support

Homemade Hope provides educational support to our students. Our weekly cooking sessions begin with 30 minutes of tutoring and homework help. School supplies are provided in the fall and maintained throughout the year for school projects. We support families in pursuing private and charter schools better equipped to meet the significant needs of our students. We also create lessons and field trips for experiential learning.

Homemade Hope Houson
Holiday Celebrations

Life for residents in transitional living shelters can often be isolating, which is why holiday gatherings are that much more important for the communities we serve. Plus, skills in community building are essential to fostering a well-rounded education for our students. The dinner table is a special place, where memories and ideas are shared, traditions are formed, and a commitment to community is fostered.

With Homemade Hope's support, children work together to host celebrations for their families. The highlight is when the children finally gather their family around a table they decorated to share food made with their own hands. 

Field Trips

Homemade Hope facilitates over twenty field trips a year. We visit museums, restaurants, community gardens, amphitheaters, farmers markets, and Houston's iconic sites. Experiential learning helps students contextualize their classroom lessons and expand their horizons. Have an experience for our students to get involved in? Become a sponsor to enrich the minds of the next generation's problem solvers. 

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