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What skills can you offer to Houston's underserved communities? 
Our programs would not be possible without the vital contributions from our talented, generous volunteers. We thank each and every person who has donated time and energy to our cause.

Here are just a few ideas of how you can get involved:

  • Tutor weekly or monthly for 30 minutes

  • Volunteer two hours weekly or monthly to assist during after-school cooking

  • Chaperone a field trip

  • Volunteer during holiday celebrations 

  • Create an hour class/workshop for school-aged children around a favorite hobby or skill: photography, art, yoga, design

  • Donate photography or design skills for marketing materials

  • Introduce us to potential sponsors

  • Donate food, materials, supplies, tickets/admission to local venues/events, or gifts for birthdays or holidays. Ask us what the kids need!

  • Share an idea we may not have thought of!


Our goal is to connect you to a role that aligns with your strengths and feels life-giving, because however you choose to contribute, you'll be investing in lasting change for underserved communities. We look forward to working together!


All volunteers working directly with children will be thoroughly screened and required to complete a background check. Our top priority is the safety of our children. Thanks for understanding.

Volunteer Homemade Hope Houston
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