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Monetary Donations

Resources are required not only to fund programs but to coordinate logistics for field trips, recruit and train volunteers, apply for grants and funding, and manage the many details that enable Homemade Hope to impact lives.


Every donation supports Homemade Hope's vital programming.

In-Kind Donations


​In-kind gifts are donations of goods or services other than money:


  • food for a weekly cooking class or a holiday celebration

  • paper plates/napkins & plastic utensils for family meals after cooking classes

  • tickets for the kids' admission to a venue or event

  • kitchen equipment (from cutting boards to cookie sheets to blenders) to run cooking classes

  • art supplies for children to craft table decorations and homemade gifts for their families

  • school supplies to maintain resources for kids' homework and school projects

  • gifts for children's birthdays or Christmas

  • kid-friendly cookbooks or books about holiday history/traditions

  • iPads to provide research capabilities for school projects and to enable photography/videography projects around cooking

What Does Your Donation Provide?

Every donation, large or small, compounds to make a big difference in the life of Homemade Hope's children. 



  • $1 purchases poster boards for a school project

  • $5 provides a healthy lunch for a child on a field trip

  • $10 buys a set of construction paper, markers, & crayons to be used for school and art projects

  • $25 buys a year of supplies for tutoring sessions for 5 children

  • $50 covers the admission costs for 5 children to attend a field trip

  • $75 purchases decorations and paper goods for a small holiday celebration

  • $100 allows 2-3 families to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal

  • $120 provides food for 1 weekly cooking class

  • $150 purchases 5 individual cooking sets for cooking classes, including cutting boards, measuring cups & spoons, prep bowls & utensils

  • $250 provides field trip admission for a full class of children

  • $500 provides Christmas brunch for 25 children and their families


Make checks payable to “Homemade Hope”
Mail to: 3311 Mercer St, Houston, TX 77027
or click on the link above to make an online donation

Homemade Hope is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

Blair Bentley 

Tel: (713)-854-7325


Mary Ann Baker

Tel: (713)-906-6336

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