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Homemade Hope Houston

Who We Serve


Homemade Hope serves school-age homeless and at-risk children living in Houston's transitional shelters.


Due to the uncertainty of their living conditions, homeless children must overcome enormous struggles just to survive, let alone experience childhood joys others take for granted:


  • Nearly half of homeless parents suffer from a major psychological disorder, leaving school-age homeless children at two to three times the risk for emotional problems like anxiety, depression, and withdrawl

  • Almost 85% will witness a serious act of violence by their twelfth birthday

  • Instability and lack of suport create develomental and academic delays, leading to greater challenges at school and lower graduation rates

  • Most subsist on nutritionally poor foods

  • Homeless children go hungry at twice the rate of other children

  • It's no wonder many struggle with behavioral problems.*


Homemade Hope exists to support these vulnerable children so they not only survive but thrive. 


Through a unique program of culinary arts and educational support that reaches beyond the walls of the shelter, Homemade Hope provides foundational childhood experiences to strengthen children against the insecurity and tumult of their daily lives.


Homemade Hope's emphasis on cooking and nutrition is particularly impactful given the erratic nature of food in these children's lives.


Building dependable, lasting relationships, Homemade Hope creates a safe, loving space for homeless children to cope with the tremendous stressors they face in life.


*Information from The National Center on Family Homelessness. Learn more here. 

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